Sisters II

“I really hate you.”
“I really love you.”

Through these words we had shared with each other, we let the other know our true feelings. What followed was a blur, filled with emotions. We were shouting at each other, tears were shed, hurtful words were spoken, bonds were broken. And then reformed. We didn’t keep anything from each other. We made our true feelings known and shared our suffering with the other. The jealous little sister and her oblivious elder sister.

We made a promise to never hide anything from the other. To share how we felt and to face the world as a pair – as two of a kind. Destined to be together – inseparable. As I now watch the night sky, moonlight shining down on me, with my little sister by my side – fast asleep, I can’t help but wonder how amazing it is to have her with me.

“What’s wrong?” asks a sleepy voice beside me. “Can’t sleep?”

“Hm,” I mumble as I nod my head slightly. She slowly gets up to sit beside me.

“Well, sleep soon,” she says as she wraps a blanket around the both of us and snuggles to sleep at my side. She’s so cute in that way. I smile as I look back at the stars. Without a doubt, “We’re going to be okay.”




Hidden in the Sky

I sat across staring impatiently at the women who sat across me- her auburn nest of matted hair spilled out from under the hideous hat she wore, and the thousands of pins she used to tame the mess peeked from under the brim of her hat. Resting on the bridge of her thin, crooked nose were purple thick rimmed glasses that threatened to crush her fragile nose under its heavy weight. The golden name tag she wore proudly on the breast pocket of her robes read: “Karen, Senior Astrologer, Hearing Department”, and pinned neatly above it was an intricately carved brooch in the shape of a scorpion. Its sleek black body stood out in stark contrast against the dirty white of her robes, and its stinger poised menacingly in mid-air as its beady eyes twinkled curiously at me. Karen’s body was shaking from the fervour she was scrawling onto one of the scrolls with. Continue reading “Hidden in the Sky”